Awards & Collections

Leslie Nawirridj 



  • 2014 Judges' Award Darwin City Council 'Harmony Day' Art Exhibition

  • 2013 1st 'Outstanding' Prize Cancer Council Arts Awards (Aboriginal & TSI Visual Art Category)

  • 2011 ANZ Barunga Festival Arts Prize

  • First Prize: Leslie Nawirridj

  • Winning entry: 'The Long-Necked Turtle and Echidna Kunwinjku Dreamtime Story'



  • National Gallery of Australia (Canberra)                                          

  • "Goanna (Kalawan)" 1994                                                                       

  • Paper lithograph printed in colour inks; 76.6cm x 56.6cm                     

  • NGA ACCN NO. 96.871                                                                 

  • National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia                                      

  • "Ngalyod with Mimmihs"; ochres on bark; 135.1cm x 48.5cm

  • Ocre Rouge Gallery, Val-de-Meuse, France



  • 2020: Artwork published in Chapter 7 “Coral Reef Curiosities” by Chuck Weikert

  • 2019: NT Office of the Pro Vice-Chancellor Indigenous Leadership “Local Knowledge” exhibition

  • 2017 Artwork published in the Bible Society of Australia's award-winning publication titled "Our Mob, God's Story"

  • 2013 World Indigenous Network 'Paddles Project'  www.paddlesproject/paddle/27

  • 2013-present NTFL Wanderers Football Club Foundation Cup 'Eagle' design

  • 2011-2020 Darwin Port Corporation design for commemorative plaques presented to Captains of passenger cruise ships