Goannas (Kalawan) by Jabis Nganjmirra (KFA-HZ9-JN)

Goannas (Kalawan) by Jabis Nganjmirra (KFA-HZ9-JN)

Artist: Jabis Nganjmirra
Medium Acrylics on Canvas
Item Size: 36cm x 39.5cm

$250.00 inc GST

Goannas feature in Kunwinjku Aboriginal rock art and they are an important food source to indigenous people.
Jabis Nganjmirra has painted his beautiful representation of rock art style goannas.
Jabis has signed his painting on the back.
A certificate with the Artist’s Profile is supplied with your purchase.

Dated March 2023

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Goannas (Kalawan) by Jabis Nganjmirra (KFA-HZ9-JN)

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